Mother Nature – #WritePhoto

While browsing in search of some creative writing prompts, I happened upon #WritePhoto hosted by Sue Vincent @ Daily Echo. Every Thursday she posts one of her photos to use as a prompt/inspiration for your writing that week. Your piece can be inspired by the photo provided, or you can use your own photo, if you’d like. I thought this was a really fun idea and I couldn’t wait to participate.

For my first week participating, I decided to use the photo provided for this week, which you can find below, with my short story to go along with it. I hope you all enjoy this short piece! Any and all feedback welcome! (Warning: slightly graphic content.)

#WritePhoto – March 22, 2018 – “Carved”

writephoto 3.22.18
Photo from Sue Vincent –

Mother Nature

Under the pink skies of dusk, Lonnie sags against the carved well, one of Mother Nature’s most unique and inspiring creations. After the long haul to the sacred spot, her lungs were burning, legs weak. Today’s trek wasn’t as easy as usual. This particular load was large, hefty dead-weight. Not the typical for Lonnie, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

Taking a moment not only to rest, but to collect her thoughts, her mind takes her back to the first time she discovered the well. Always a lover of the outdoors, Lonnie had developed a cherished bond with Mother Nature. Beautiful creations like this were made specially for her, as a thank you for all the good she’s done, all the people and families she’s helped.

Snapping back to reality and the task at hand, she reaches for the bundle of plastic and cloth and begins to pull. She tries to be as graceful as she can. After all, a mess to clean up is the last thing she wants. A smile washes over Lonnie’s face at the familiar rustle of grass and sand beneath the dragging load, assuring her one final time that she’s a good person. Most would even consider her a savior, wouldn’t they?

She makes it back to the monument, struggling at her attempt to lift the load. If only she can place it vertically against the stone, her job will be as good as done. Hair falling in her face, fingers and arms sore, Lonnie is finally able to get it. This is it. She’s ready.

When she snatches the frayed cloth from the top of the now vertical bundle, she sees a bloody face, eyes carved out of their sockets, staring back at her. No longer bothered by the grim looks of the dead, she begins her usual “good deed” seance…

“This… is for choosing to be blind. This… is for blatantly refusing to see the beauty in life. This… is for the existence of humanity. This… is for Mother Nature.”

The body is pushed over, down into the depths of the carved well… along with all the rest.

©FrankieFiction 2018


29 thoughts on “Mother Nature – #WritePhoto

  1. This is a lovely piece of writing. You have explored the image very well, lots of excellent imagery and that delightful element of mystery at the end. Hope you enjoy your blogging experience and thanks so much for the follow on my blog. Please stop by anytime Frankie.

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  2. I LOVE THIS! Your writing style is so good! I also love the idea of using a picture for inspiration.

    Have you heard of I mentioned the site in one of my posts, but they have some cool stuff for writing, including a weekly contest where they send out prompts and give $50 to whoever submits the best short story that week, and you’ll get published! I honestly signed up more for the prompts than the winnings (though obv $50 would be nice, lol). Also, did you see the post I reblogged about the flash fiction writing contest? If not, you should check it out! Your writing is really, really good, and you do well at writing a flash fiction style story, which a lot of people struggle with. I hope you post more of your writings on here!

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    1. THANK YOU!😋 Your comment made my day. I haven’t heard of Reedsy, but after reading your comment, I just signed up! Those contests sound fun! I’ll be looking into participating, for sure. Thanks for the info and the kind words! You can expect to see more of my writings in the future😁


      1. It truly is hard to write a good story in a week, no matter how “small” the story is. It’s difficult to fit all the necessary information into a limited number of words and/or characters.

        I have faith in you!! I’m really looking forward to seeing your work! I’m also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, so I’m pretty psyched about that. Also nervous. But mainly psyched. Haha!😅 Have you every joined NaNoWriMo?


      2. Ooooh, I haven’t heard of Camp NaNoWriMo! I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo once before. I think I made it like a week before I lost steam, lol. Writing a novel in one month is tough! Writing a novel — period! — is tough. I feel like I’m better at short stories and flash fiction stuff. I like writing those better, at least. Cause they’re shorter, haha.

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      3. Then you should definitely check out Camp NaNoWriMo! It’s for everything under novel length. So you can set your goal for any number under 50,000. And it can be poetry, flash fiction, short stories, etc. Anything you want. You’d still have time to join for April, if you wanted to. If you do, let me know and maybe you can get into my cabin with me! Cabins are for members to hang out and chat and help motivate one another or help each other with their writing. If you don’t want to join for April, I think there’s another one in June or July (I’m pretty sure it’s July).


      4. Oh, cool! How do I get in your cabin? I might try to do something for April. My bf’s been pestering me about writing more, but I just haven’t had much motivation. Maybe this’ll help.

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      5. Once you sign up, let me know what your username is on the website and I can invite you to the cabin! I hope you decide to join! It’s going to be fun! Writing starts in 2 days, so you’d have to sign up by then.🙂


      6. Great! Our cabin creator, Liz, has invited you to join our cabin! Our cabin is called Wordsmith Wonderland. Eek! I’m so excited. You do have to fill out your project info before it’ll let you be invited, though. So as long as you’ve done that, you’re good to go!!


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